Job hunters! Increase your success by using my resume example

Write a powerful resume by following my resume example.

Sure, if you are a job hunter or not, resume-example below is a better way to make your own resume.

In my site E.O.L.T.T. I have explained you many times about offline jobs and online working. I know they seem similar however there are some differences.

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If you are searching for an offline job you have a new problem, you are selling yourself (your figure) in some lines of information. The most fundamental thing is that you have no chances without a good-written resume. (You will use it for online-business too)
Some days ago by searching important documents, with a big surprise my old-resume is jumped on my hands. : ) I have taken a moment to see it, ummm it was not bad. I have reflected on past times when I have used it, then it has gived me the brilliant idea to offer you this resume example. But now...

You are selling yourself in some lines!
My resume example will multiply your Chances

Let me reveal you terrific techniques to create your own resume.
First good thing you will save up to $600!
... Then your success probabilities will explode!

(1) START WITH THE RIGHT CONCEPTS - resume example

- It's not a letter (it will be schematic)
- Easy to read
- Good and clear layout
- Be serious and do not lie
- Balanced tonality (do not pump it up)
- Equable information (apply one ordered method to place all your data)
- Complete in every part
- Originality (try to hit selector curiosity)

(2) WEIGHT OF YOUR RESUME - resume-example

- maximum 2 or 3 pages (2 are better)
- Put your personal information
- Include your professional experiences

I have found an automatic software to write resumes.
You know I'm a teacher and I love quality software.
Forget scam programs.

An excellent resume software ** Download it here **
(it's something special... )

(3) YOUR WINNING STRUCTURE - resume example

A) All your personal data (must be complete!)
- Do not place a photograph of yourself
- Include information to contact you (email/telephone/web-address)

B) Schools and formation experiences
- Other professional courses

C) Foreign languages knowledge (read/write skills )

D) Previous professional positions and current job too
- Place the Start + End date for every job (month/year only)
- Work place
- Company sector/activity
- Your position + responsibility
(It's better you list past experiences directly relate to your demand/aspiration)

E) Your personal skills/ability + hobbies (do you have worked in a group?)
- Social life, passions

Excellent professionals will help you
A good resume example will become a good job

Do not apply for jobs that you do not have the skill set for.
Do not list reasons of why you left or are leaving a job.
Do not include references.
Do not list insuccess.
DO NOT list hobbies unless they directly relate to your job.

Too much points for you?.. Is your mind going in crash?
You must know A good resume can drammatically change your job forever... And your life too!.. It's very very important.

I suggest you to take a break. You must be honest with yourself.
Remember you are selling yourself (your future) in some lines of information. If you are feeling not a good preparation to make it in a perfect way, there are excellent professionals that can leave you out of this problem!