3 Power Self Help Techniques For Daily Use

Author: Angela Chen Shui

Power self help is about implementing techniques that work. It is critical in this fast paced world that we have personal self help techniques that we have tried, tested and feel comfortable with.

The more we trust our self help techniques, the more we will use them both in everyday situations and during times of high stress or crisis. Habitual use helps to facilitate skill and intimacy with the methods. Intimacy does not breed contempt in this case... it helps us gain greater confidence and trust in our own inner process and helps us to develop greater self awareness, a critical factor for interacting masterfully in life.

The best, most effective techniques involve aligning the different layers of ourselves so as to maximise inner awareness. We cannot interact masterfully with others if we do not know and understand our own inner workings.

Inner alignment increases clarity, focus, effective self direction and leadership skills. These all link powerfully together to maximise manifestation of our goals and dreams consistently, joyfully and with minimum stress.

The following three effective power self help techniques can be easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle:


Fast, easy way to align on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. The breath is important to connect, rebalance and remain aligned with our deepest center during our hectic, challenging days.

Breathe. Deeply and fully for several minutes, many times during the day. Breathe in peace, wisdom, love, abundance, joy and fun. Breathe out worries, anxieties, sadness, fear and hurt.


Do a quick check of the quality of thoughts playing through the mind since awakening. Negative self talk changes the frequency we emit and attracts real life situations that support, reflect and strengthen the negativity.

If we are not happy with either the situations we are encountering during the day or the quality of our self talk we can transform both by reprogramming our self talk more positively in line with what we would like to manifest.

Having the discipline to regularly check-in on the quality of our self talk realigns it to work in partnership with achieving our goals and dreams.

The relevant power self talk technique here would be to instantly change from the negative vein to a positive, more goal and self aligned energy.

For example if the limiting self talk is "I am not good enough", an effective antidote could be "I am brilliant and easily express my brilliance in all areas of my life."

Play with this for yourself until you come up with your own personal self talk gems that you can use to instantly realign your focus everyday. Feel free to send me yours for feedback and finetuning.


Tuning in to the emotional state is one of the most effective power self help techniques there is. Every one of us is a transceiver - we both transmit and receive energy frequencies. Emotion is an energy that our transceiver both emits and receives.

To truly create powerful lives our emotional and mental frequencies must match or a mixed signal will be transmitted, resulting in mixed manifestations. Relationships, finances, health, stress and other life factors will reflect the lack of alignment.

We have all experienced hearing someone say something but deep down not really accept what they said as truth simply because it didn't 'feel right'. We picked up that their emotional frequency did not match their verbal expression.

A very simple way to build awareness of our daily emotional temperature is to journal, preferably using the morning pages technique of writing three pages nonstop every morning directly upon awakening. It is important that none of what is written is read for at least one month. Reviewing the material after this period of time will reveal lots of inner concerns, desires and fears that can be addressed to strengthen inner alignment.

Emotional temperature checks, emotional release and alignment of emotions are basic power self help and leadership skill techniques I teach to clear, release, harness and direct our emotional power.

This Power Self Help article is but a brief foray into three of the most important and simplest power self help techniques that can assist us to create lives that fulfill both our inner and outer needs and desires.

As we take care of our total selves in an attentive, holistic way, the quality of our lives will improve and reflect increased balance, wholeness and effectiveness.

Copyright 2005 © Angela Chen Shui, All rights reserved.

About the Author

Angela Chen Shui is a Teacher of Divinity. Her passion is to assist individuals and groups to use simple, powerful techniques to align body, mind and soul. Her clients learn to access their inner wisdom daily to maximise joy, peace, abundance and full self expression. Check out her personal development, self help and spiritual website and blog at: http://www.angel-and-soulmate-selfhelp.com


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