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A domain name is like someone ask for YOU/your name, with the difference the first one points to a place on the virtual-net.

With the meaning of "domain" you are searching for an address on the cyber-space (yeahh, I like this word) that contains many different information. Just open internet explorer program, type a domain in the bar and finish.

For example type "" ...
It's the cyberspace about this website.

First, domain identify the name for the website and then it contains the address to bring you on. Do not forget domain is composed by 2 parts: NAME + ESTENSION (you can imagine it like your name+address).

Look at this --> "education-online-life-teaching-tool" - is the first part of domain and ".com" is the final estension to complete the address.

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There are various available estensions: .com / .net / .org / .tv / / .it / .name ...And so on. : )

Wait a moment, you must pay a fee to grab one of them. It costs between $9-$22 fee per one year of registration, in fact you must renew/pay your domain year-by-year until you do not desire to have it again...

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TK-PROVIDER is placed in Tokelau, a small island, consisting of three atolls, some 500 miles from Western Samoa and is inhabited by less then 1500 people. That's one of the reason why Tokelau, carrying the web address extension .tk is so relaxed about its domain registration.
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