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I built this site by using Site Built-It. Finally, you can avoid to be frustrated with "html head meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http". Believe me.

This is not a "sale pitch" but the true story behind E.O.L.T.T. (this site). Two of the big problems that I've found as entrepreneur was building web pages with good content and place them on top positions on Google (yeahh, I love it!).

I think that every entrepreneur loves to see his website on top of search engines, don't you agree? :-)

Reach high positions on search engines with your site is very hard and complicated, but it's very important in order to get visitors.

Without visitors you can give away GOLD treasures, but no-one will be able to see your offer. It's like to have a 10 foots island in the sea (I know that I can buy visits from Pay-per-Click engines, but it's very expensive!...Oh yes, and I love Google, Yahoo, Msn and so on cause they are the best solutions to save my money and get free targeted traffic).

I can prove my results and before to go on, please let me show you the positions of my web pages on Google, one of the great-top engines:

Use SBI instead of html head meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http...

(I have other webpages placed between the 4th and the 20th position on the first page of results)

Sometime I can't believe it! ...I don't know the perfect RULEZ of optimization. ;-)
I just focus myself on building my web pages. Period.

Escape from these tags: html head meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http

The winning power of SBI is its "block-by-block SiteBuilder", a simple tool that a 6 years-child can use from the first minute. The people behind SBI explain:

"If you are new to writing HTML, we highly recommend that you use SBI!'s block-by-block SiteBuilder to create Web pages. It's simple to use, it lets you focus on Content-Traffic-PREsell-Monetize instead of struggling with HTML, and it does everything necessary to build a successful site... thousands of them, actually! It will deliver every bit as much traffic as any HTML editor.

If you are not too familiar with HTML, use SiteBuilder. It may not be quite as fast as using your own HTML editor (once you've done that big learning curve), but as long as you "storyboard" a page completely using a text editor beforehand, you will be very productive".
( :-) I don't like html head meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http, and you?)

Do you need to study html head meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http?...Use SBI instead!

It's more fun than build a webpage by using FrontPage...and more easy! However you are free to use another way to build a site...HTML editors!

By using HTML editors, from the simplest text editor to WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editors like DreamWeaver or FrontPage -- You can have more flexibility, but in this case you must know something about html head meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http.

Both approaches (SiteBuilder or HTML editor) will get equally results.
Just an important note: you have to know-how to use an HTML editor properly and interpret its use in light of SBI's Content-Traffic-PREsell-Monetize approach. If not, you can actually do yourself more harm than good by using your own HTML editor (I'm saving my own time with block-by-block, I prefer it).

SBI is a great-simple tool to use...

Desire to track your links with ease?

Another excellent-but-simple to use tool is SBI "link tracking".
You may not know about this beautiful feature: SBI makes a record of every time someone clicks on a link on any of your pages of your site. They not only track which links are clicked on but also which page of your site they were on when they clicked that link.

For example, if you have four affiliate links linking to your affiliate program (one link on four different pages of your site), you can know how many times your visitors have clicked on your affiliate links and which page your visitors were on when they clicked on one of those links. It's a very powerful thing (marketeers use this system in their promotions).

This is extremely important information for determining which pages are the best. You can also use this information to find out how much traffic you are sending your link exchange partners, how much traffic you are sending to other sites you own, and other things like that. Do you know that there are several companies offering you this "tracking tool" for $25-$48 per month?

I use SBI to build my site and I track my links at the same time. It's very simple, and I save my money. Why I must spend $50-$70 for every single tool (to build my site) while I can have them all in one system?

Well, few lines above I wrote "...I just focus myself on building my web pages and I don't need to know a single line of bad tags as html head meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http".

It's simple. Every page of my website respects some rules in order to reach high positions on search engines, especially Google (it delivers good traffic and it's the best search engine!).

This marvelous product is different from using your own HTML Editor. Its philosophy is to keep it simple, to keep builders on a reasonably restricted pathway to success...and I love this approach, I desire to build my business, not to learn marketing lessons! ;-)

To think about complexity vs. simplicity, think of Microsoft Word, the application I love to hate. I only ever used Word to write letters. But there are so many tools on Word that it drove me crazy, especially when it decided what I wanted to do. So I've switched to a much simpler, basic word processor that delivers all I need to write a nice, formatted letter, plan or agreement.

"Simple" is how Word started, of course, as did all word processors. But, along the way, power users asked for more and more features. And programmers delivered them. But each feature added complexity. And complexity makes life harder and harder for most users.

If you desire to know more about SBI, you can ask all your questions by clicking here.

Study search engines optimization is not in my purposes...

...And another point is the time (many months) that I would need to waste for "html head meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http". I don't need to do it, I save my precious time just by focusing myself on my business while I use SBI. ;-)

Meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http... With SBI you do not need to learn them...

You can ask more information about "the guru in your ears" by going here

SBI system includes every point below:

Domain name included
Fast, reliable hosting
Data transfer
E-mail customer support
Telephone support
Point and click page building
You don't need html head meta http equiv refresh content 0 url http
Number of pages
E-mail accounts
E-mail forwarding
E-mail domain forwarding
New! Spam 'n Virus Blast It!
Best-of-breed, state-of-the-Net complete protection system against spam and viruses
Upload your own HTML pages
Page templates
Customized 404 page
Access Statistics
Tracker Links
Click Tracking and Analysis
Unlimited Custom Form Creation Tool (point-and-click)
Database storage for managing, searching and reporting of form data
Unlimited Single and Multiple Sequential Autoresponders

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