Job education will help you for better working

Take advantage of my job education to reach ambitious goals. It's one of my favorite arguments. I have teached on many students how to use my job education to place what they have learned in their own jobs.

Offline works want your presence day by day, 7-10 hours a day minimum. (a full turn) You must work from monday to saturday, sometime sunday too. My best conviction still remain for working on web.

Just to reflect: do you earn money while you are sleeping?

Do you make dollars while you are going out to have fun with your family?
Most important: how many hours do you must putting in your job to live?

These are realistic limits about offline working. This sort of job education will be precious information for you.

Offline works want your presence day by day

Offline works want your presence day by day. As I'm saying above, you need to work from monday to saturday, sometime sunday too. To be paid you are obligated to give labor, or if you have your own activity, you will offer your profesionality in exchange of money. The second one is more difficult from the first case, in fact responsibility is in your own hands and there are a lot of taxes applied to it.

My job education is made by proven experiences only.
Some statistics to know about starting a new offline business:


* Word research institutes results * this is not a random data, it's pure reality. It depends from different factors, but results are the same: start a new offline business today is very difficult.

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My job education is based on real facts

Follow my job education. Avoid past mistakes and take advantage of my experience. Try the same successful things I'm doing now!

If you don't have the skills to start a new website or squeeze page or create sequenced email follow-ups, what do you do?

You leverage your time and use the services of someone who can do it for you. This is really simple. Pay close attention because I rarely reveal my best resources for outsourcing this kind of stuff:


How would you like:

** 5 websites that convert sales automatically
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This is the way you leverage your time and get somebody else to do it for you. You get all 5 websites and everything above for just $67.

What if your success did not depend on human ability, but was designed so that even a teenager could make it work. Or Aunt Sally. Or cousin Ben.

Same tools, same ingredients, same steps - same results.

Consider these points:

1. The graphic strip used at the very top of each site contains sharp, well-contrasted images that make it very easy for site visitors to relate specifically to the offer being made...

2. The copy at each of your websites alludes to a "top secret video." The word "secret" is one of the most powerful words used in marketing.

3. The sites are deliberately kept very simple and easy on the eyes. They're instantly readable, and there are no secondary distractions of any kind! ;-)

4. Your new sites demand that people wanting to find out the full facts MUST (as a rule no less!) fill out the simple form just in order to pass through to another webpage to find out the rest.

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This job education is a rock-solid-way to build your job

1) Though multi-level Marketing has been near and dear to many for more than 50 years, 95% of those who trusted it have failed.

2) They failed because most people simply cannot close sales. Without closing they cannot recruit. (you know now why I have written "job education", these information are pure-gold)

3) Without recruiting, duplication cannot happen. Even the 5% who CAN recruit cannot achieve their full potential without duplication.

4) None of the hype, recruiting systems, replicated websites, interruption marketing, sexy products, exotic compensation plans, training kits, books, tapes, seminars, conference calls, or "heavy hitters" have been able to change the 95% failure rate one iota.

5) Without replacing the things that people can't do, MLM is doomed to continue its 50 year pattern of failure.

So.. Does this job will work for you?

Yes! The result is an organization with one mind, a group of individuals with a single goal and purpose. No one who doesn't fit. No one who doesn't understand. No one who can't duplicate. A well-oiled, income generating set of business processes with predictable results.