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Do you search an entrepreneur home business?

Build a paid subscription web site where you can sign up members that want to receive e-mail ads from other select members. With e-mail filters and SPAM laws the way they are, it would be a valuable community.

You could ask a publisher if they have any unpublished information products about a certain topic. Tell them you will finish and sell it for them for a percentage of the sales. Put yourself in your visitors shoes. Create your product around your visitors not because you would buy it.

Entrepreneur home business - tips 1

You could teach a group of people the topic of your publication. You could charge a lower price than consulting because you can have more clients at one time. Give away your publication and have an offer that sells monthly updates for it. You charge either a one time fee or per installment. If people like your publication, they will likely pay for the updates.


Entrepreneur home business - tips 2

You could publish a free web site to promote your products, affiliate products, MLM's, etc. You would want to mix in some quality content that is related to your business and offerings.

You can publish a free web site to sell advertisements to other businesses. You would want to mix in some quality content that is related to the theme of your web site. You could also sell your own products.

Transform your publication Into An Online Audio - You could turn your publication into an online audio file. People could download and listen to it at their convenience while surfing the net, checking their email, working, etc.

You can give your publication away on a trial for 30 to 60 days and charge people later if they want to keep it. If they don't like it, they can send it back to you. You need to get their credit card information before you give it away.


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Entrepreneur home business - tips 3

Why not to publish a free e-mail newsletter to then charge for a subscription for a print edition. You just have more or original information in the print edition.

You could set up a paid subscription web site that interviews experts related to your target audience. You would contact the experts and ask them if you could interview them in exchange for free publicity and allowing them a back-end along with you.

Build a paid membership web site where you rent either physical services, online ones or digital products. The software ones would be limited to their membership and turned off when it terminates. People sometimes would rather pay-as-they-go than pay a large price to hold a package. A backend might be developed with the original seller. Get permission if needed.

Charge a monthly or yearly subscription to your web site. You would password protect your content. In order to be successful selling subscriptions to a web site, you'll need highly targeted, original content. Remember to see my SITE MAP to find more information. If you are in a hurry, just click here to bookmark my site.

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