Make money quick tips 6 - from Tbtoyl Marketing

There are great ways to make money quick, take a look at these ideas...

You can turn your publication into an audio book, or DVD. Some people like to listen to publications rather than read them.

Offer a customized publication instead of writing the whole thing and guessing what info people will buy. Just let them decide. You could charge people to e-mail you five to ten questions that they want the answers to then place that into a publication. You could charge a high price too.

Turn Other People's Information Formats Into A Publication - You could get permission from a publisher to transcribe an audio or video into a print or electronic publication. You would have nothing to write and you could just pay them an up-front fee or royalties on your sales.

You can offer a limited number of copies to different versions of your publication. Some reasons to limit the number of copies would be autographs, different volumes, serial numbers, etc.

You do live speeches that are related to your publication. You could offer it for free in exchange for promoting your publication or business.

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