Too many home based business opportunities?

I suggest you to sell resell rights software and ebooks. Purchase a package/compilation of products with master resell rights is a good business to start without experience. You can put up your entire online business in few hours and this method is perfect for many entrepreneurs that desire to be resellers.

I have lost many months on looking at home based business opportunities, one after one, everyone of them seems incredible...Finally you will be in a great confusion, and you'll choose to start nothing. It happens many, I suggest you to start by selling resell rights software.

I seen different offers on the net, but do not waste your time on research. In fact the prices of these products-compilations are a bit the same in every website (they start from $60-$89). Just buy a cheap package for yourself and start your business.

I opened my personal site of niche products as reseller. I have payed $70 to get them all (resell rights software & ebooks) and I do not have spent more than 1 hour to put all up. It's easy if you know how to edit an HTML file (template) and how to upload it into a server (it's an operation called FTP), otherwise you need to get a free html-editor to do your homeworks.

If you use "Block-by-Block SBI! editor", then you will do all operations in 1 hour.

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Sell resell rights software

If you choose to purchase my package for $57, resell rights software and digital goods are ready to be selled by you. You don't need to lose your time. Note that I have manually added some interesting ebooks into my compilation. I bought them from other websites in order to give you a better genuine offer. Actually 79+ ebooks and resell rights software are added by my hand into my niche-products package.

You get (a little part): Website Conversion Secrets, Total Resale Box, Crafted Email Sales Copy, Secrets Revealed Of A Successful Online Marketer, The Buy Impulse, Auto Hits Machine, Blog In A Box, 101 Ways To Stop The Money Leak, Internet based home business in a Box, Expand Your Professional Coaching and Consulting Business, The Power Behind Home Based Business Opportunities, Hitting the Search Engines and many other resell rights software. These programs and ebooks have a good quality (they're not freebies) and I have used many of them for myself (improving my knowledge). For example "Blog In A Box" is really helpful to make profits by using free blogs. It explains fast techniques to place advertising into blogs and how to bring more traffic to them. The ebook is also a great manual (A-Z) to find blogging resources.

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Well, a close look at the main template that you'll find into the package reveals that it's pretty good (you use it as "homepage"). It has the purpose to sell the compilation with all niche products included. In fact the homepage is a pre-made "sale letter" created by an expert-copywriter. You need only to place your name in it and your payment method to receive online orders, then you can upload all files into your hosting (you must have your hosting/web space).

An high recommendation: it's very important to create a merchant account in order to sell your resell rights software. When you get it, you can place an "order-button" into your sale-letter page, otherwise visitors'll not be able to purchase the products (note that buyers'll get the full business, with all products & templates).

My final comments: if you strongly desire to have your presence on the web, or if you like to sell digital products, then this business idea can be very good for you. As I wrote above, there are too many home based business opportunities to see.

Sell resell rights software and ebooks it's a simple business to start cause you don't need to have any experience on doing it.

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