7 Ways To Capture Wisdom From Your Coach

Author: Burt Dubin

A coach is a modern-day mentor. In Greek legend, Mentor was a friend of Odysseus. As advisor, sage, and counselor he was entrusted with the education of Telemachus, the son of Odysseus.

A coach is a faithful, wise, devoted advisor and teacher. A coach is a loyal resource. A coach engages experience and sagacity in the service of whoever chooses to engage the coach. You, as an expert who speaks, are very likely highly focused. You have made yourself a master of your market or your area of expertise.

Dual mastership is rare. So you very likely can benefit and move ahead even faster by having a coach. These 7 strategies help you get the most out of your connection with your coach:

1. Start by being sure you have a coach. Virtually all great performers in every field of endeavor engage a seasoned veteran, someone who knows the game inside out, upside down, backward and forward. Let the experience and insights of your coach keep you on the high road to your objectives.

2. Trust your coach. A worthy coach has been around the track more than a few times. This person has your best interests at heart. Reveal your challenges, your frustrations, your roadblocks to your coach. Share your vision, your hopes, your ideal place in the sun. Then listen to the words, the ideas, the guidance your coach sets forth before you.

3. Engage the insights of your coach. Take the actions recommended by your coach. Sometimes you won't understand why. Take these actions anyway. Look at it this way: When you drive down an Interstate Highway, you are often passed by truckers driving 18-wheelers. They roar on ahead, certain they are safe and right. How do they do that? Well, for 1 thing, they are sitting about 5 or 6 feet higher in the air than you. They can see farther ahead. And, they are in continuous radio contact with their fellow truckers for miles in both directions. They know what's going on where they are going before they get there. So will you when you act on the insights of your coach.

4. Develop your professional performance as recommended by your coach. Did you ever see a batter change his stance after a few words from his coach. And then see his batting average go higher? Of course. How do you suppose a great ballerina gets so graceful? Believe me, with all the natural ability in the world, she doesn't see into the design and intent of the choreographer of the piece the way her coach does.

5. Refine your choice of markets to penetrate in accord with the insights of your coach. Your coach knows your business. There may be emerging markets you never thought of targeting. These markets may be in the sunrise industries, industries just at the beginning of their ascendancy. Picture yourself growing as these markets grow. Imagine yourself becoming an industry expert, even the industry expert.

6. Go after the specific companies your coach sees as best for you. (Imagine that in the early 1980's your coach suggested that you go see the college-dropout founder of a new software company he just named Microsoft. That company is hiring lots of people who need what you have. Bingo!)

7. Develop your long-term strategy to build your career in concert with your coach. Odds are that your coach has a vision of the possible for you transcending your own. Your coach, like the driver of the semi next to you on the Interstate, can see beyond the horizon you see. And when you make it big-time, your coach will bask in the glow of your success. A great coach takes no credit, accepts no credit. A great coach insists that since you were on the field of play, since you were the one making the moves, the credit all goes to you.

About the Author

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