Build Child's Self-Esteem to Increase Safety

Author: Kathy Alexander

Low self-esteem in children leaves them vulnerable to the compliments and praise of a stranger. Children that receive continual support from home will feel good about them, have higher self-esteem, and be more self-confident.

Children with self-confidence are more likely to stay away from anyone that makes advances toward them will ill intentions.

Keep you child comfortable talking to you. If you make them feel loved and understood at home, they will be more likely to keep open communication lines with you, even on sensitive subjects. They won't have to turn to others for understanding when they are able to receive it at home.

From a young age, constantly remind your children that they can come to you for help at any time, for anything, under any circumstances. This continual reminding will help them remember that their parents at home are their to guide, advise, and support.

All children have or will bin in a situation where the think, "My parents are going to kill me!" It might be a car accident or experimentation with alcohol, but this is when they need assistance and parental guidance the most. Be there for them and they won't have to turn to outsiders that may be looking for vulnerable, scared kids to draw into their deceptions.

How do you build self-esteem in children? Constantly let your child know he or she is special, that you care about them, be compassionate, let your child know you are in his or her corner and you can face the challenges together.

Even when disciplining your child, you can get the concept across that the discipline is to teach them acceptable behaviors for the outside world, but you love them no matter what. The discipline is for the actions they took and your parental guidance is to help them not harm themselves or others. If discipline is approached as teaching your child instead of punishing your child, a bond can be built between parent and child even during the challenging times of discipline.

Remember the basics, love you children, and show your children you love them. Reinforce your love for your children and they will thrive - safely! Be a safe harbor; let them know at home they can face any challenge together with you as a family. There is strength in numbers and you are their numbers. Confident children are safer children!

About the Author

Kathy Alexander, Mother of four, Madison (3), Delaney(2), Courtney(2), and Wyatt(4 mos). She and her husband of 11 years live in Texas with their children. Protect Children! Teach Safety! 4 Kidz 4 Safety 'N More offers child safety products including photo identification, DNA & fingerprinting kits, books, games and charts at!


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