Author: Ed Howes

There are few people in this world unaware of cycles. Few escape childhood without observing the cycles of seasons, birth and death, day and night, full moons and new moons, ocean tides. Birthday anniversaries and weekly cycles of seven days. If we suspect that all we know is cyclical and cycles overlap, we suspect rightly. Welcome back to the 1960s. Welcome back to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

“Harmony and understanding, sympathy and peace abounding”. A war supported by all involved in the U.S. and quietly opposed by half the people who are paying for it; people who will likely grow more vocal in the coming months and years. People, who will be telling us to tune out, turn off and drop out. Reforming the wicked is no viable option and their systems will not be reformed from within.

Fundamentalists of every faith pray and work for the fall of the wicked and their symbols of material power. They are united in this effort though they identify one another as enemies. Christian fundamentalists despise the Muslim fundamentalists who attack their common enemies. The Christian fundamentalists, who would tell us of their righteousness, support the wicked in their tithes and offerings, support corporate media, corporate government, corporate churches, corporate schools and corporate markets. They gloat over recent political successes and grow exceedingly arrogant in them.

They will not prevail for much longer, as a progressive backlash among thinking people is gaining momentum. This presidential election is their last hurrah for the regressives. The people have begun tuning them out and dismissing their power as a historical fluke. What is conservatism but the fearful holding on to that which only serves the wicked? What is conservatism but the fear of change they can postpone but cannot prevent? By definition, conservatives fear the fall of the wicked and the power of the simple, the power of the ordinary, the power of love. They have no place in the new age of science and brotherhood. They are but self defeating obstacles to righteousness and progress. That is why they do not speak of progressives, but liberals. They love the Orwellian double speak with which they slander and ridicule their opponents. They love double speak because they are double minded and unstable in all their ways. When the sleeping masses wake, as they did not when Adolph Hitler rose to power, the conservatives will be a historical footnote of the end time struggle to usher in the Kingdom Age.

The nearly impotent Democratic Party allowed and assisted the Republicans to define them in 2004. They missed every opportunity to respond in kind throughout the presidential campaign. If liberal is the derogatory label for progressive, why isn’t regressive the derogatory label for conservative? The leadership and membership of the U.S. corporate political parties all have their heads where the sun does not shine. In the darkness of the valley of the shadow of death, they fear the evil they create and rightly so.

Take heart. Take hope, all you victims of American justice. Divine justice is not far from you. We are in the very midst of the greatest cyclical overlap since Noah’s flood. Despite the huge investment in the Machine Age, the Information Age is establishing itself with great progressive strides, creating brotherhood and profit opportunities for those who do poorly in the Machine Age. An age defined by personal ambition, consequences be damned.

The Piscean Age, ushered in by Jesus Christ, turned dark and foreboding as the sky did the time he died. People the world over, sought candles in the darkness to light their way, only to have them extinguished for their own good by the ambitious heads of church and state. The wicked and all who serve them for profit or favor have had 2000 years of dominion which ends with the new Light of the Aquarian Age.

Lastly, the six thousand year Age (week) of Man, since the creation of Adam and Eve, has arrived at the eve of the one thousand year planetary Sabbath, in Scripture called the Kingdom Age - the age of renewal and the restoration of all things. A green and golden age no doubt.

If we focus our attention on the short cycles and ignore the great ones, we will surely be ill equipped for the near future and our survival, which is soon to be a global concern. I recently heard a well respected spiritual intuitive respond to a request about what is coming in 2005. She said she could not be year specific, it could be anytime in the next three years that terrorists would damage a bridge in the U.S. Doesn’t that make you just quake and shudder? What do you imagine she is not seeing or not talking about? If she sees more or worse is she better off keeping it to herself, lest she later be accused of the crime? My point is, even world renowned psychics are not seeing very clearly, very far ahead.

It is the combination of well known prophecy and a sense of history, coupled with current events that cause Bible students to expect Armageddon will begin in Palestine. Does that seem far off or unimaginable? Would you wager it is more than a year away? More than ten years? Of course not! We have been trained not to think beyond tomorrow or next week. That keeps life exciting and surprising. What could be more boring than to watch the fulfillment of prophecy and know exactly what is happening? What could be less interesting than 2004 becoming 2005? Historical cycles change with great chaos and violence, Peace on Earth is over two decades away. Who will be left to enjoy it?

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