Author: Anil vij

Self-respect means taking satisfaction in appropriate behavior and hard-won accomplishments. People with self-respect also respect others. They do not need to disparage others or build themselves up by bragging or exaggerating their abilities or talents. They do not need lots of money or power to feel good about themselves. People who respect themselves view selfishness, loss of self-discipline, recklessness, cowardice and dishonesty as wrong and unworthy of them. They have inner strength and are unwilling to let others use or manipulate them. They know that showing patience or tolerance does not mean allowing others to mistreat them. People with self-respect do not crumble when they fail. They accet mistakes as a part of life. As we help our children set high standards for themselves, we also need to let them know that failure is no embarrassment when they have done their best. Teaching children self-respect, however, does not mean complimenting everything they do. They also need honest criticism from time to time. When we do criticize, we should focus on things they have done, not on them personally. What You Can Do · Encourage your child to build a positive identity that focuses on her integrity and talents. · Emphasize that character is built upon the decisions and actions a person takes each day · Work with your child to help him reach his full potential by encouraging him to develop his talents, set reachable goals and honor himself as a unique person. Teach your child how to choose good values. Help her reason about what are worthy goals and what are proper means to reach those goals. Keywords: About the Author Anil vij, ...

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