Goal Setting for Kids

Author: Cecile Peterkin

Goal setting is essential for building a successful life. However, teaching kids how to set and achieve goals is not part of most school curriculums, nor is it taught in most homes. Many parents never learned the techniques of goal setting, and are still struggling with their own. You don't need to know it all. While you develop your own goal-setting skills, you can also be helping and encouraging your children to develop theirs. Goal setting is a life-long skill. It helps your child to focus their unique gifts and talents, it helps to cultivate and strengthening your child's self-worth, and equips them to lead a life full of meaning purpose, and direction, regardless of the professional or personal paths they choose.

Things to consider when setting goals with your kids
CAREER - school grades, skill development, future plan (ambition); PERSONAL- character development, and personal growth (self-image, sense of responsibility, ability, sefl-esteem), appearance
HEALTH - exercise, diet, over-all well-being, balance
COMMUNITY - commitment to serving others (volunteer work)
FINANCIAL - understanding the value of money, earning, saving
FRIENDS - expanding their circle of friends, choosing friends wisely HOUSEHOLD - chores, contribution to building home life
RECREATION - hobbies, relaxation, fun activities (movies, parties, etc.) ,

Things to remember Expect resistance; Be firm; Look for performance, not perfection; Kids need to see the end before they begin (incentive - what will happen if...); Kids need rewards; Kids need praise.

Results As kids learn how to set goals and experience the difference goal setting makes in their personal destinies, it will encourage them to take action. They will begin to create lives for themselves that they want and "Dare to live their Dreams!" As your kids become more aware of greater possibilities in their lives, and tap into their respective talents they will develop a stronger sense of self and of their contribution to society.

About the Author

Cecile Peterkin is the President and Founder of Cosmic Coaching Centre, and publishes “Recipes for Success”, a Free monthly ezine on living your best life both personally and professionally. Cecile is a certified Career Coach and Retirement Coach and Speaker. She helps Middle Managers overcome the “Middle Syndrome” of being stuck in a middle position in mid-life.


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