How I Couldn't Sell Noah A Lifeboat.....If The Ark Was Full Of Holes

Author: Dave Cole

Folks, let's clear up some misconceptions about network
marketing that have been floating around lately.

Network marketing is NOT about becoming a super salesman.

I am currently building a very large and prosperous
network marketing business that is growing by leaps
and bounds.

What I am NOT doing is selling.

In fact I hate selling.

One of the last things I would ever want to be is a

Honestly, I doubt if I could sell Noah a lifeboat if the
Ark was full of holes!

What I am is a teacher.

Network marketing is about teaching.

Teaching others to be successful.
Teaching others to build their own business.
Teaching others to achieve their dreams.
Teaching others to teach others to be successful.

I am in the business of helping other folks make their
dreams come true.

Isn't that a great way of looking at it!

The most successful folks in network marketing are those
that can effectively teach people to show other folks
how they too can be a success at this.

I am also a story teller.

I tell folks how the products have affected our pet's lives
and our lives and how the business has affected our
long term plans and finances.

I teach my distributors they are Representatives of a
First Class company - NOT salespersons for it.

Walk into a Volkswagen dealership and you will find
salespersons. Walk into a Jaguar dealership and you
will find representatives......there's a big difference.

Can you tell other people a short story about how a
particular product has positively affected your life?

Anyone can do that!

And if so, you can be a success in network marketing.

Can you follow a proven plan?

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

I can give you that.
I can give you thousands upon thousands of free leads.
I can teach you how to build a business.
I can teach you how to teach others to build a business.

What I cannot do is make you or force you to do it.

Some folks think network marketing is a lot of work.

I have fun doing it. Is having fun work?
Every person I talk to about becoming a distributor
with our team, I always ask them, "Don't do this unless
you think you can have fun with it."

No fun = work

If your business is work, perhaps you might want to re-consider
what you are doing.

If you dread making those calls or contacts, if you
constantly have to force yourself to do the things
necessary to build a business, then that
doesn't sound like much fun to me....and it doesn't
sound like you'll likely last long in that opportunity either.

Network marketing does take two things:
1. A Desire
2. A Passion

Network marketing is about Stretching - Stretching
yourself to be more than you ever thought possible.

Can you use your imagination?

Network marketing is about:

Who you want to become.
What level of financial freedom you desire to obtain.
What you really want to do with your life.

Today's challenge is:

A. Are you ready to learn some new concepts of
what being a network marketing professional
really is all about?

B. Are you ready to BE all that you Really Can BE?

C. Are you ready to DO something about it?

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