Infopreneur - Overlooked Golden Opportunity

Author: Dr. Jamie Fettig

What it takes to be an infopreneur on the internet.

If you like to teach, enjoying writing and write well, and have or can get access to a body of knowledge that other people are willing to pay good money for, then you could be best served by getting into the information marketing business.

Notice the three qualities you need to have for the info marketing business to work for you:

Quality #1 - 'You like to teach'. This doesn't mean you have to have had formal, professional experience as a teacher, but it does mean that you're the kind of person who enjoys taking the time to break difficult information down so people who are new to the subject can learn it too.

Quality #2 - 'You enjoy writing and write well' the info marketing business is about generating words...lots and lots of words; content, ads, articles, reports, books, home study course, seminars.

You don't have to be Shakespeare and you don't have to write everything you need all at once, but to make the big bucks in info marketing, you have to be on a friendly basis with your word processor.

Quality #3 - 'You have or can get access to a body of knowledge that people are willing to pay good money for'.

The good news about being an info marketer is you don't need to be *the* ultimate expert on the information you sell.

You can always partner with another person who has the subject expertise. This can work very well if you pick the right partner. The thing you need to know is that partnerships are difficult at best. The right one can transform your destiny, but the wrong one can cause you endless headaches.

If you go the partner route, choose wisely.

The second part of this equation is you need 'a body of knowledge that other people are willing to pay good money for'

I'm talking here about making *real* money. If you just want to make a few hundred extra dollars a month selling an e-Book, fine. But if your goal is to end up with a *business* that pays your mortgage, makes the car payment, and puts the kids through school, and then you're going to want to take a more serious approach.

When it comes to making a living selling information, there are two things that matter: picking the right kind of 'deep pockets' market and serving the market you pick like crazy.

There are all kinds of info categories where people are willing to spend serious money...
And those are the kind of markets you want to go after.

But here's the price of admission. You have to be able to consistently produce serious, high quality content that's *worth* big money.

The 'smoke and mirrors' guys like to gloss over this reality. 'It's easy,' they say. 'Just put up any old e-Book and you'll be rolling in it.'


The reality is most e-Book publishers who are making real money sell a lot more than just e-Books. They sell home study courses, seminars, coaching programs, etc. And none of those things are cheap.

If writing, researching, teaching and high level promotion are your life passions, you can do this too, but if they're not, be easy on yourself and take a look at one of the two other paths to online success.

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