Teachers! Do you want to stop the Cheating?

Author: Rich Brunelle

Teachers! Do you want to stop the Cheating? By: Rich Brunelle

It is really very simple. Just turn the clock back to a time before technology gave them the ability. I am talking about way back when we had to use pens and pencils to do our school work. Allow me a moment to further explain.

Before technology gave use the world of information, we had a world of information. But, it came in books. Sure we could plagiarize a little. However for us to plagiarize, we had to physically write the information. With today’s technology a simple “cut-n-paste” from two or three different sources, and you don’t even have to read to have your term paper given an “A.”

If the student is required to hand write school work, they still have to read it. If they have to read it, (god bless their little sponge brains) they at least have a fifty-fifty chance of learning something. The neat part is the requirements to hand write schoolwork, also improves the student’s comprehension, teaches them how to spell, increases their vocabulary, and believe it or not . . . teaches the student how to write legibly.

The additional benefit of being able to recognize when students have others do their work, by the differences in handwriting should also be a consideration. Sure Bart can still turn in his sister Mary’s report from a few years ago. But, not without reading it.

If you really want to help your students do not try to catch them cheating, try to prevent them from cheating. And, the best way to prevent them from cheating while making them at least expose their minds to the material is to ensure they read.

Oh, before you say, “that doesn’t work with math . . . Yes, it does. Require the student also turn in their scratch sheet with their work. If the student that has a blank scratch sheet is not able to do the same math on the white board at the front of the class, then you know.

The only time in a person’s life to instill in that person the need to learn is when they are young. After that, they have already chosen the path their life will follow. Teaching is one of the noblest professions, and one of the most difficult. But, I believe Teachers chose the job out of love for knowledge and children. Keep striving to teach that one student that doesn’t seem to get it. And, if you haven’t yet tried it, make them read it.

About the Author

About The Author:
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