Teaching Your Child Courage

Author: Anil Vij

Courage is the ability to overcome fear in order to do what is right, even if it is difficult or risky. Courage can mean facing physical dangers, but it also can mean standing up for beliefs and making hard decisions on the basis of evidence rather than on what is the easy or popular thing to do. It

means being neither reckless nor cowardly but facing up to our duties and responsibilities.

Courage, however, does not mean never being afraid; and children should be told that there are times when it is all
right to be frightened and to run away from danger. But they also need to learn how to face and overcome some
fears, such as a fear of the dark.

What You Can Do

· Coach your child on how to be brave. Praise him when he acts courageously (but never ridicule him for any
reason--ridicule can have long-lasting effects on a child's self-confidence).

· Discuss with your child how to say no. Sometimes children don't know how to say no to peers who ask them to
do dangerous or risky things. After identifying ways that
she might be tempted, teach your child a three-step process
for self-protection:

1. Apply the "trouble" rule: Will this action break a law or rule?

2. Make a good decision--think carefully about the risks or possible consequences.

3. Act fast to avoid trouble, using options such as the following:

--Say no!


--Make a joke

--Suggest something better to do.

--Make an excuse such as, "My dad will get really mad."

--Act shocked.

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