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Let me start it from beginning.. In my experiences as a computer programming teacher & webmaster I have seen that one of the most discussed thing is the "method to increase traffic to a web site". You'll agree with me that every web site needs great interested visitors to make profits... it's a reality.

Which are the best things to increase your web site visitors?

Search engines of course :-) ...but not them only! Take a look below:

1) develope your great Rss (develope your free blogs)

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3) posting press releases is the way to get some nice traffic

These 3 things have made me reflect. The first point about "Rss" is fundamental to increase your site traffic. Ken Evoy, the mighty genious behind SBI (this site is built by SBI) is explaining some interested things about "Rss & Blogs" ..

I have learned tons useful things about them. So, some months ago I have started my own blogs by using


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