You need a winning communication product

Use better communication product to explain your concepts. It's what I use in my classrooms to do a good final job. : ) This is a very important point to know. Pay attention below.

I'm not tired to write you about my teaching method and communication-product I use for doing my work. Let me stay focused on 1 useful thing that give us 1 more speed.

I'm talking about communication product!
(Wow!.. The best tools I have never used before!)
2 pages ago I have written about importance for helping other people to understand our information.

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When you are speaking to another person are you sure she has understood your words?

When you are speaking to another person are you sure she has understood your words?
Think to yourself: how many times it happens to you?

Sometimes we need a valid communication product for demonstrating what we are saying about. World scientists have proved individuals can better memorize information when they take advantage of 2 or more senses, HEARING, SIGHT AND TACT.
You can read tons of books about human senses, in every case the end is the same: they are very important for us. I return now for thinking for my students...

What I think about "hearing"?.. It's simple. It will be my voice when I speak to my classroom. I will use animations to satisfy "sight", then practical operations at the computer for "tact".

Use a communication-product for demonstrating what you are saying about

The best programs I still use for teaching to my students are FLASH and DREAMWEAVER of Macromedia company, with special thanks to the first! In fact Flash is a powerful software to make good animations and presentations in easy steps, without breaking our head to the wall.
What can I suggest you?...
Usually I prepare my great verbal lesson of the day plus some Flash animations (on computer) to illustrate it.

It's a big success! Students hear my voice (HEARING) and realize what I'm saying to them thanks to computer animations (SIGHT). Obviously I put my pc on their hands to let them create something about what I have explained. (TACT)
Thanks to Flash of Macromedia!
The same things happen on Dreamweaver, with the difference I make web pages in substitution of animated presentations. Static web pages are different from the first one, however you will reach the same goals.

Do you know the software above?...

Ummm, I know, I know. Initially I have spent few days to take a look to their manuals and putting examples in practice, but satisfaction is enormous now! When you know the basic commands you have did the big part of the work. I admit Flash is a valid communication product(Dreamweaver too) I'm pleased to recommend you.

Facts are confirming me my work method remains the best.
I have "the state of the art" software like Flash and Dreamweaver.
I have an optimal work-station (my pc, yeahh!) to use them.
I take advantage of both to do my teaching job. More winning will be my communication product, more winning will be my teaching results about my students.

First I desire to write thanks to Flash.

Just to remember: when you are speaking to another person are you sure she has understood your words?

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