cooperative economy

Author: Michael Kaer

Hi folks. I'm a bit pissed off but in a good way. I just finished reading "The Science of Getting Rich" for the 5th time or so( may be more) and I am pissed off at what I have been taught and what I have been teaching others in my Goalsetting course and in the book. The knowledge I had was good as far as I knew it to be, but now I am going to have to re-vamp the book and add a lot more to my classes to include some of what I am getting from "Wally's" book. Just like when I started writing a science-fiction story set for 100 years in the future, the technology got better faster than I could write it. Frustrating! I have been indoctrinated to believe several things including "everyman for himself' and "the Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer" , ideas meant to force me into competition with everyone and everything for my very survival. Here comes along a book written 50+ years before I was born, that says we need to cooperate and be creative rather than competitive. Why did I have to wait till now to fully "get" this and why did I have to sit through all the negative !#%& bull in the first place? I am not sure why, maybe I was not ready. That could be the reason this book has been hidden for a long time and it is surfaceing now. Now is when we need it the most. From the way I see it the entire planet is slowly changing over to a creative, cooperative economy. It certainly has on the internet. Everywhere you look you see people doing JV's (joint ventures) so everyone involved wins. I can now sign up with my so-called competition and act as an affiliate for them selling their product right beside mine and make a profit from both. My competition is happy to let me make sales for them. Speaking of Creative and Cooperative; the internet is the only place I know where you can sell the same book or course or bit of music in a digital format, send it electronically, get paid for it electronically and still have the original safe on the shelf. If that is not creating massive wealth out of thin air, I don't know what it is. It is like magic. This is starting to get longer than I intended so I will quit now and save some of this for another time. Michael J. Kaer Keywords: Economy,cooperate,create,getting rich About the Author Michael Kaer, Chatham-Kent, Ont. Canada Michael is a Writer when he is not being a Certified Reflexologist and Relaxation Therapist as well as being a Certified Electronic Technician. He reads (alot) and loves Sci-fi Movies and books. P.S. He can cook! ...

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