Earn money online: Tbtoyl Marketing part2

Why not to earn money online by offering a customized publication? You could charge people to e-mail you five to ten questions that they want the answers to then place that into a publication. You could charge a high price too.

Publication For Royalties - You could write an exclusive publication for a big time publisher or marketer and allow them to promote it. You would get a percentage of the profits with hardly any work on your part in distribution.

Release new publications with reprint or master reprint rights every month for a reoccurring monthly fee. For example $19.95 a month. This would give you a residual income stream. Plus you could start an affiliate program for other to make a percentage of your residual income and people could make money 100% profit selling the publications.

Give away a free e-mail newsletter to then charge for a subscription for a print edition. You just have more or original information in the print edition.

Publish a free e-mail newsletter and charge a one time fee for the e-zine archives. In order for people to pay for the archives your content will have to be 100% original.

Divide your publication into pieces and sell them separately. Sometime you can make more income selling parts than the whole product. You could divide up chapters into articles, mini reports, special reports, etc.

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