Earn money online: Tbtoyl Marketing part4

Why not to earn money online by offering niche products like identity theft protection, privacy support, blinds?

You could ask a fellow knowledgeable person to co-author or co-create an information product to sell or giveaway. You both could sell it together and split the profits or sell it separately.

Many people are looking for an adventure. You could target niche product and services like extreme sports, adventurous vacations, bungee jumping.

Most people want to be comfortable. You could target niche product and services like comfortable clothes, seat cushions, velvet sheets.

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Some people want to gain weight. You could target niche product and services like muscle enhances, work out equipment, protein drinks.

People want to change something in their environment. You can target niche services like decorating strategies, home improvement books, landscaping tips.

Another idea is to target niches like quitting smoking, stopping nail biting. It's time to earn money online!

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