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Forget spam-problems by using my filter-spam. In many years of experiences and web navigation I have noticed there is 1 BIG COMMON PROBLEM hitting all web-users.
Are you a web surfer ?.. Then YOU HAVE THIS PROBLEM !!

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I'm writing about SPAM !!.. Yes. Unwanted, untolerable, annoying s p a m. Sure spam is the plague of world wide web and you are a victim like me and everybody surfing on web. Do you know how much money it will cost you ? ..You need a precious filter-spam !!

Make this fast estimation :

- estimate the value about 1 hour of your own time
- write down how many hours a day you are losing to delete spam messages
- multiply now the first value for the second
- multiply result for 365 days (1 year)

Do you have an idea now about s-p-a-m will cost you ?..
You are spending several hundred dollars.. FOREVER !! So, you can jump out from this page with your spam-burden, or you can face your big problem by following my suggestions. Period.

Do you have no time to read below ?.. O.k. I encourage you to go here to see the new-generation filter-spam !!

HOT POINTS to filter-spam

Desire to know great tips to filter-spam ?.. Continue reading.

(1) The POWER of web form

Do you have seen my email in E.O.L.T.T. ? I'm sure not !.. In fact I strongly suggest you to not place your email-address everywhere.
Use a web-form instead !!.. You can intimidate spammers by placing these sentences below your form "to avoid spam - your I.P. address will be send to me" ..

Just make a page where users will contact you by a simple form.
(see my example : contact)

- They will be able to reach you
- It will permit you to avoid some spammers
- You can collect I.P. address regard writers
- You will establish more credibility to yourself

When you collect a particulary I.P. you can decide to block the user before sending another form to your mailbox. There are thousand scripts (about it) available on web !!

(2) Educate your callers to put "something" on subject

Very useful. If you educate your callers to put some words on subject while they are sending the form, you can do a sort of screening. For example explain them you will read their messages only if you will see "help request" on subject-space.

(3) Create filters in your email-program

Yes !.. In every web-email and/or email-program filters can be created by touching 2-3 buttons... It's very easy. They are very helpful to forward undesiderable senders directly to your trash !!.. Take a look to program "options" and you will find email-filters.

(4) Automatic-filters included in web-email-sites

Before to create your new email-address, take a close-look to characteristic of your email-provider. I suggest you to chose one that includes automatic spam-filters. Sure you are not screened from s-p-a-m, but it's better to have nothing !!

PSST !... Can I have your best attention please ? I'm revealing you the FINAL TOUCH !!

It seems incredible, but now I'm deleting over 85% of SPAM messages in few seconds.. They are not a trouble now !! I have another amazing tip for you... But it's different from the others. It's a new professional solution that is resolving my spam-problems.. Sincerely I'm not understand why a logical software like it is never appears before.
It has a unusual simplicity with a winning principle. I'm really impressed, I do not have seen something similar... Finally I'm saving more precious hours to put myself straight to my business.
What is it ?.. Take a look here !!


There are tons ANTI-SPAM systems around here. Some will not work, some are very complicated to use. Filter-spam must be easy to use and user-friendly... Sure my tips will help you, however a magic-liberty-sense it's what I feel about spamblitzer software I have written above.
If you are tired to waste your own time just to open your email-box (and see dozen spam-messages...), use the most efficient filter-spam.


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