How stuff work on education?
How stuff work to reach teaching purposes?

How stuff work?.. If we are talking about teaching & educational stuff for private classes it's my pleasure to explain it to you. I use different principles to reach my teaching purposes. You must know my courses are composed by private students, so I especially can help you on this case. (public school is different) Their ages can vary between 8-9 years to 80 years. Imagine to use the same approach for a 9 years student and a 75 years grandfather... It's not possible!.. In fact the child above will understand more sharp from the gammer. : )

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Think on your mind. Take a look to yourself. Are you fully prepared for your great lesson?.. Remember eyes want their part, so choose a serious & professional dress to put on. Before to start teaching use 10 minutes to review the lesson. All must be perfect. how stuff work in this case?.. I use THIS PEN to give off more impact... Remember aesthetic aspect is part of this world now, so little things make the difference.

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Do not forget your class is composed by engaged people. You come later in their heads, exactly in the last position after the main things & problems. I recommend you to joke with them while you are illustrating your lesson. Have fun with them will put their mind in a good condition to learn.

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Take care of listless students. First, you must point to intrigue them about what you are saying. You are the MASTER and they are important as the others. Do not make the big mistake to leave them aside. I strongly suggest you to take note about them, just write it down on your precious agenda.

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Do not limit your class to listen at yourself. Speaking only is boring. Allow them to partecipate in the lesson by making some relevant questions to some student. (change him at every demand to implicate them all)

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When you teach on childs try to do it as a game. You can use a lot of examples to help you while you are explaining to them. Put fairy tale in your comparison. (remember they have 8-9 or 10 years)

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Release easy homeworks to force your beginners to study. They will do them or not, but it permits them to be better focused about your topics. Try to give tasks pertaining fantasy for young scholars and professional-oriented exercises to 'worker' students. I have found a brilliant idea. I take some free software here (like a tutor) to give myself an hand about homeworks. You can see it like another example to work...

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Congratulate brave students (that have made their jobs above) to give them satisfaction. They will be very happy to receive compliments from you, it's a sort of stimulus, you know. HEEYY, wait !... Your brave students will be happy to help others too. Convince them to use BULLETTIN BOARDS to share their positive experiences.

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Sometimes it's better to do some test for testing class rate. Sure you will make a good teaching job, but it will be very difficult that course learning is equal for every single individual. By doing this one you will adjust your fire. (you know they have different brains!)

That's all for now! : ) I regularly apply these 8 points to all my classes. Experience says me they are important for the final fundamental goal. Do you know what is it?.. All your students will have learned your instruction and they will be ready to improve their life too. Do not forget how-stuff-work: many people can do the same job, but how many of them will succeed to reach the goal above? MORE HIGH will be the (final) grade of preparation obtained from your class, MORE HIGH WILL BE your success, your satisfaction & your big compensation.

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