Legitimate work from home opportunities

If you search legitimate work from home opportunities then take a look at these fresh ideas.

You can find a good location and ask speakers and experts to speak at the seminar. A teleseminar is manly were people sit and listen to a bunch of speakers. They sometimes take questions at the end. You could also give them the first chance to promote the seminar for a big percentage of the profits.

Build a paid subscription website where you could do tests and experiments then release the results each month (for profits). It could be advertising results, marketing experiments, product tests.

You can create a paid subscription web site where you allow people to trade products and services. It could be for advertising, links, products services, leads, expertise, information.

You can create a free web site to sell advertisements to other businesses. You would want to mix in some quality content that is related to the theme of your web site. You could also sell your own products.

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