Make money quick tips

To make money quick you need to start a business in a winning niche. For example, You can find free information products and bundle them together into one big package deal. Get permission from the owner. It could be reports, ebooks, ecourses, ezines, software, freeware, shareware, articles, informative web sites.

You would quickly write an information product by not proofreading, editing or spell checking it. You would just advertise as it an unedited information product. It could just be notes, jotted down ideas, etc.

Ask an expert, celebrity, performers, athlete, film star, etc. to allow you to manage an information based fan club for them. They could provide all the information about them you need and you would just send out the fan information.

Publish and sell other people’s manuscripts and information products. You would take on all the expenses, promotions, orders, etc. You would pay the authors an up-front fee or pay a royalty on every sale. Many authors want a publisher because all they want to do it write.

You may ask people to compile examples of their materials in exchange for free publicity. For example, you could compile a bunch of successful sales letters into an information product. You would want the examples to be related to your target audience.

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