I have created my merchant account in few simple steps

PayDotCom is a merchant account provider that allows you to start selling your products totally free (website is up since June 2005).

This powerful provider was created by Mike Filsaime (oh yes, Mike is here again with another genuine program). It allows you to sell tangible goods or digital things without problems, in about 10 minutes.

I've used another merchant account provider before to find PayDotCom, and I have understood that other payment solutions (merchants) start to give you problems just from the first step, in fact usually you need to choose from selling tangible products or digital, not both, and you must pay big fees to open your merchant account.

Your personal merchant account is really simple to control

It doesn't happen by using PayDotCom, where you can sell what you really desire. Ohh, I like it very much. ;-) Another good thing of this free system is that you can control every aspect of your product in a breeze. Your personal merchant account is really simple to control (:-) if I'm able to use it without good experience, you will love it).

Just click on the links in your area and you'll be able to manage everything with ease. Do you desire to know some features about PayDotCom?...Why not?

You can add new product lines, No pre-approval needed for your sales page, create order buttons instantly with ease, system can handle monthly billing (as subscriptions), buyers can buy by using StormPay/Paypal/credit card, you have full control of refunds and many other things. It's very good and I like using it for my "selling" purposes. The fees start from $1 to $3 and they are splitted by vendors and affiliates (50/50).

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This merchant account provider has increased popularity thanks to its internal marketplace (you get advantage from it). It's a shopping-section similar to ClickBank marketplace on which you can see/buy tons of products. When you make 1 sale of your product, it will be instantly placed into PayDotCom marketplace to get more exposition.

It means that you'll receive extra free visitors and potential buyers just for opening your merchant account on PayDotCom and sell 1 thing at least. You don't need to put efforts from your part to get your goods placed in the marketplace (it works, it happens to me!).

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...Otherwise click here to see my partnership program made by PayDotCom.
I made my web page to recruit new partners in 10 minutes and 6+ people joined my affiliate program in few days. It means that PayDotCom works.

Features of PayDotCom (merchant account provider)

Features Other Merchants PayDotCom
Get A Free Account To Sell A Product NO YES
Can Add New Product Lines NO YES*
Pre Approval Needed For Your Sales Page YES NO
Pre Approval Need For Your Thank You Page YES NO
Your Products Become Property Of The Merchant YES NO
Create New Product Line On The Fly NO YES
Create Instant Order Buttons NO YES
for Your Website
Secure Download Pages YES YES
Standard Price Maximum $50 NONE
Digital Products YES YES
Physical Products NO YES
2 Tier Affiliate Program (or more) NO YES
Can Handle Monthly Billing (Subscriptions) NO YES
Can Be Used For Automated Monthly Member Sites NO YES
Holds Back Your Money In Reserve YES NO
Pays You Instantly 3-6 weeks YES
Pays To Your PayPal NO YES
Pays To Your StormPay NO YES
Buyers Can Use Their PayPal Funds to Pay You YES YES
Buyers Can Use Their StormPay Funds to Pay You NO YES
Buyers Can Use Checking YES YES
Buyers Can Use Credit Card YES YES
Must Offer 100% 6 Week Guarantee Refund Policy YES NO
Must Offer a Guarantee YES NO
You Have Control of Refunds NO YES
Can Set Higher Percentages NO YES
for JV Partners
Cap On Affiliate Payment $100 None
Set Flexible Affiliate Percentages Yes YES
Track and Manage Affiliates NO YES
Free Affiliate Signup YES YES
Offers Tools for Affiliates (Upload Banners etc.) NO YES
Offers An Affiliate Signup Page for Your Website  NO YES
Offers Your Affiliates A Promotion Members Area NO YES
Allows You to  Approve or Ban Affiliates NO YES
Track Link Clicks, Sales, and Conversion Stats NO YES
Track Affiliate Stats NO YES
Track Campaigns NO YES
Email Your Affiliates NO YES
Marketplace Exposure for Your Products YES YES
Instant Addition To Market Place After 1 Sale NO YES
You Pay Your Affiliates Using Easy Mass Pay Reports provided by PayDotCom.com NO YES
Fees-   $1 Plus 7.5% of Sale Price YES N/A
No Percentage at all. Flat $1.00 to $3.00 Sales Fee split by Vendor and Affiliate** Plus Merchant Fees Such As PayPal® and StormPay®    

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Useful Tip: if you have sold your product to someone and you receive a request for a refund, drop him an email where you offer another great product instead of the refund.

You have 87% of probability that he'll accept your offer, and you'll keep your money.