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time and bandwidth !!

Pop up ad control is a GUARANTEED Way to Increase Visitor Response at Your Website by At Least 200% !!

ATTENTION: All Website Marketers & eBusiness Owners.. If you're still using outdated popup windows without pop up ad control, you're probably losing more sales than you realize... Why ?
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Because 75% of all Internet users are currently blocking your pop ups.
That means 75% of all your website visitors are slipping away like ghosts - and you don't even know they've been there. If you do not have pop up ad control, they leave no tracks, no email address, nothing for you to follow-up with. They're just gone forever... Urrghh !!.. 
And each lost visitor is a lost profit opportunity for you.

Sure . . . popup windows were powerful . . .But not anymore if you do not have a g-o-o-d  pop up ad control. Practically no one is even seeing them! And note that we're also talking about pop unders, pop overs and the entire genre of java driven HTML windows that pop from your webpages when triggered.
And if you're still using any of them in your website promotions, I'll bet you're getting fewer and fewer click-throughs every week. You're probably seeing only a trickle of results compared to what you were getting even a few short months ago. (And how much longer can you afford that?)

What's happened to all the new prospects your pop ups used to bring in for your newsletter, or your special reports and free ebook offers? There used to be a lot more of them - and your business growth depends on a constant supply of new customers - right?
Even more - if you're using old style pop ups to promote affiliate products and drive your back-end sales without improving pop up ad control, I'll bet you're currently seeing those sales spinning off into a deadly and profit draining downward spiral.
HINT: It has nothing to do with a sluggish economy. And you're not alone in this situation. The past few months we've seen our own popup promotions go from being powerful money makers . . . to being a waste of time and bandwidth... So what's wrong?

Well take it easy - it's not your fault. There is nothing you can do to make your old style popup windows perform like they once did.
No amount of tweaking to your offers or rewriting of ad copy is ever going to re-capture those potential customers that are slipping through the cracks right now because of your obsolete and ineffective old style popup windows.

Here's the real problem.
In case you don't already know - 60% to 75% of all Internet users are currently blocking all website pop ups (yours included!) from their computers, either with ISP blocking or with a PC based popup blocking software.
And even more Internet users will be blocking your pop ups in the near future. AOL, Earthlink, and all the major ISPs now provide popup blocking to their clients. And dozens of PC based blockers are available as shareware downloads from CNET, Tucows, etc.
In other words, if you do not get a superior pop up ad control there is already a huge majority of your website visitors who never even see what was (not too long ago) one of your best money makers - your popup window promotions. And it's only going to get worse - until popup windows go the way of FFA pages and banner ads, becoming a total waste of time and bandwidth.

And here's where YOU are losing profits . . .
If you're still depending on outdated and obsolete website popup windows, then out of all the traffic your site is getting right now . . . .

as much as 75% will never know about your special offers

as much as 75% will never join your opt-in mailing list

as much as 75% will never read your newsletter

as much as 75% will never have a chance to join your downline

as much as 75% will never get your free viral ebooks

as much as 75% will never read your training reports

as much as 75% will never know about your Order Now Bonuses

as much as 75% will never see your back-end product promotions

as much as 75% of YOUR website visitors will NEVER RESPOND

. . . . because their popup blockers are doing the job too well.

NO pop up ad control ?... Whatever it is you want old style popup windows to do for your business, you can be sure they are only doing (at best) a small percentage of the work they once did . . . . and you are losing sales and traffic as a result.
If you were doing business in a shop on Main Street - this would be like keeping your best products and promotions in the back room . . . . where your customers would ever see them.

And That's a Quick Way to KILL Your Business!
Let's face it - popup blocking softwares have made traditional popup windows obsolete . . . . practically worthless. And as much as 75% of your website traffic is not even seeing your special promotions that were so carefully designed to put more money in your pocket.

So the BIG question is this . . . .
Are you going to sit back and wring your hands while 60% to 75% of your profit potential continues to go down the tube . . .

..Or will you get a solution?

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