Increase Your Sales And Marketing
Productivity by Using Internet

Cheap web solutions that work as television publicity to make more sales and marketing productivity. In internet, I discovered a way to advertise your products in the same winning method of tv-channels. It's simple, let me continue explaining it.

Everyday I do zapping with my tv, just to find something good to watch...

I notice in the last period, there are lots of tv-channels increasing products promotions & advertising messages. Yes, instead of showing you news, movies, reportages, they show you different kind of goods & spots. Aren't them too many to see? :-0

Imagine that you are a brand company...and you desire to show your products on TV in order to increase your sales and marketing productivity. Do you know the prices regard television publicity?

It's very expensive, for example in Italy it starts from 1,000 Euros to 20,000+ Euros. It depends from the channel that you choose and the time of the advertising spot (minutes).

However if there are many companies selling their goods on TV spending lot of their money & budget, we must understand that they make big profits and sales in return, right?

Otherwise all these companies would be in bankrupt after 3 months of spots. On television, I continue to see products older than 5 years, and you?.. It means that this kind of advertising works a lot.

Well, the great news are here, in fact the same successful publicity can be applied to internet with ease.

Do you need a magical process to get more sales and marketing productivity?

Where is the magical process allowing companies to make more sales and marketing productivity by using tv-channels?...Is it a mystery or a special secret?'s very simple. It's enclosed into the form of advertising message, continue reading! ;-)
A television spot reach its purposes by hitting these steps:

- it gives you a dream (for example "..Do you desire to cut your weight by 15% in only 3 days?")

- it stimulates your mind & imagination to focus on this dream, so you start thinking

- it gives you many benefits - you will get them for yourself by using the product (dream becomes yours, you need it)

- it gives you lot of testimonials (made by popular people & stars) to strengthen the benefits of the product

- it explain you the features of the product to get the benefits (dream becomes reality by purchasing the product)

At last, your mind will be focused on reaching the dream. You need to purchase that product to get immediate benefits. This process drives you on the final decision to buy. ( :-) and spend your money of course!)

Yes...we are humans. First, we buy emotions & dreams, then we desire immediate tangible results. Television publicity is very expensive but it works. Internet has the same power to increase your sales and marketing productivity. To get this power you must use professional videos. Period.

Use professional videos to increase your sales and marketing productivity

Online videos or internet videos are the same thing of tv spots and they are one of the best way to advertise your products. However they have more advantages than television:

1) They are cheap
2) They work 24 hours/24 - they are visible 365 days per year
3) They have a great quality like tv spots - thanks to new technologies
4) They can reach niche targets that you need for selling your products
5) People love them - they can watch videos from every place, thanks to internet (for example into an office)
6) People can interact with your videos - increasing your sales and marketing productivity

(usually tv spots are generic, they wanna hit the most people) If you use professional videos into your websites to demonstrate the benefits of your products, you will get more sales. In fact a normal web page can't be compared to a dynamic video. It's the same thing of a paper-ad compared to a tv spot. They are extremely different...and prices are totally different! ;-)

I started to use videos into this website "E.O.L.T.T.", in order to get more credibility for my content. Note that I create them myself, and I don't invest a cent in professional software. Surely I can't reach an high quality like professional videos, however they do their job.

Since I placed them into my site, I seen a general improving of sales and affiliates promoting my goods.

There are several formats available to make your videos: avi, mpg, mpeg, mov, rm, ram. For everyone of them you will obtain a different weight. Please consider my words with their importance. If your video is an heavy Mpeg of 250 Mb or more (250 megabytes), it will request too many minutes before to be uploaded from your visitors. We are on internet!

They will need to wait a long time before to see it. It means that you will lose your future potential buyers, sales and marketing productivity.

I suggest you to choose RealPlayer format for making your brand videos. 250 Mb used by Mpeg or Avi format can be translated into a RealPlayer video of 12 Mb - 15 Megabytes. It's excellent, it's more faster to see!

I know that Macromedia Flash is a popular format to create these things, many people have "Flash plug-in" placed into their computers. However Macromedia format will cost you money...and in my case I prefer to explain you a cheap solution. I desire to give away something good that can be used from every single person without wasting his money.

This is not the right place to talk about the techniques I use to create videos. This page is a bit long, don't you believe?






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