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As an italian teacher of computer programming I don't love spaghetti only.
I love my students and my job. :-) I have developed E.O.L.T.T. with genuine purposes, so I have shared my experiences in order to give you valuable information only.

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From William (Bob) Carpenter

Dear Massimo,
I just wanted to thank you for your response to my post about sound on my website. I don't feel forced to visit your site...that's what the internet is all about. I am glad to meet you and learn something about you and your services.

I am glad to see that you didn't let your slightly imperfect english keep you from participating. If people have a problem with that, they will just have to have a problem, I guess!

Life is very busy here and I haven't gotten to act on your response yet...it may take me some time; sometimes I am slow to catch on to electronic stuff, but now I know where to go and I thank you very much for your response.

Merry Christmas and God bless you,
William (Bob) Carpenter

Dear Maximo,
I was searching the internet for a Free answer for uploading swf movie files and I came across your website www.education-online-life-teaching-tool.com post on How to Hear your voice by using your website and audio recording software. You had step by step instructions with photos, arrows pointing here, click this, do that, and real simple teaching techniques for a new website owner like myself.

Im a Sitesell new member with no HTML experience and I found your specific instructions for Sitesell members the best step by step instructions I ever saw for audio. So I just used those same audio steps and applied it to my swf movie files. It took me a while putting the jig saw puzzle together but I got my website to show a flash banner with audio and video.

Maximo gives you the maximum results with his step by step instructions. I'm giving away FREE USA/Australian Websites for the Healthiest Food in The World Called Phi Plus with 76 Ingredients Known as the Daniel 1:8-20 Bible Pulse Diet. That's why I needed help in creating my own website so I could give away FREE Websites.

Best of Health,

Robert Reuter, BS

Hi Massimo, Thank you very much for your email and the advice and tips you provided!

I read your ebook which I found very helpful, and just signed up to access your DVE (under a different email address) to check it out.

I will let you know how it goes!

Thanks again,


Thanks for the email.
I like what I read in the Newsletter.
I will try it free and join the affiliate today.

Roy Rowtham

Yes, your information was VERY helpful to me.

Thank you, I appreciate it a lot!

You should make a book or course about this simple way to do this and you should earn some money with your good knowledge.

Scott in Oklahoma, U.S.A.

From Iona DSouza

Massimo, Your site is great. And thank you so much for all the downloads. Grazie tanto!

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