Ways to make money online in 27 days - part2

Do you search fast ways to make money online? Take a look at these tips:

Build a "Safelist Subscription Web Site". Build a paid subscription web site where you can sign up members that want to receive e-mail ads from other select members. With e-mail filters and SPAM laws the way they are, it would be a valuable community.

You could get some extra products to sell by trading your product’s reprint/reproduction rights for another business’s reprint/reproduction rights.

You could ask an author or publisher if they would like to have their information product converted into a different format. Buy the full reprint rights the product format and keep all the profits.

You could ask a writer or publisher if they have any unfinished/unpublished information products about a certain topic. Tell them you will finish and sell it for them for a percentage of the sales.

Create a "Teleseminar Subscription Area". Set up a paid membership web site where you have recordings of teleseminars members can listen to. You could add new ones every month.

You can set up a membership web site where you rent either physical services, online ones or digital products. People sometimes would rather pay-as-they-go than pay a large price to hold a package.

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