Yahoo Search Engine Tips

Simple suggestions to place your site on the first page of yahoo search engine.

Yes my friend, you don't need to read the phrase again ;-) ...I'm talking about the first page of Yahoo results and I'm just ready to explain the steps to reach it.

A little note: your site needs to be ready for receiving big traffic (do you have a big bandwidth to use in your hosting?).

Your Site On The First Page Of Yahoo Search Engine In Just 2 Weeks From Now

It's fast. It's simple. It's free and you'll save yahoo $299 fee for inclusion.

It's very powerful and you don't need to be a space-engineer. :-)

I desire to tell you a story...
Some months ago I've built some blogs in order to make profits and send traffic to my main sites (I love blogs, you too?). Well, I've created them without any experience, then blogging was a new brand market that I never seen before. (ok, you can say me "Max, do you live on planet Jupiter?")

After many tests, posts, ping and "pong" I've noticed 2 bad things:

1) Traffic was away on another side, not on my blogs

2) Yahoo was just 3,500,000 miles away to grab them for itself

So, with my hands on my head I've reflected few minutes: "Where are my mistakes?... I place new posts everyday, I place interesting topics, I'm giving out great information and I ping after every post...".

I had the choice to forget my blogs cause my 100% failure, or...another choice to learn some useful information to put them at work!

Receive 388% Of Extra Traffic To Your Site From Yahoo Search Engine

Do you strongly desire extra FREE TRAFFIC to your site and products by jumping on the first page of yahoo search engine results?

Well, here you are the steps!

1) Start a free blog - I suggest you to use (start it in just 8 minutes from now).

Before to start it, make a research for niche keywords and let me explain a bit more... :-)

In order to catch great traffic for your blog, its title must be composed by keywords, it's very important. Then your future posts will be more fresh keywords (many people make the mistake to create blogs without thinking to them, a waste of time).
Feel free to use some free tools to know which keywords/phrases are the best one to build your blog. Take your time for doing this research, it pays a lot!

Well, if you are in trouble, just use my "A-B-C-D-E" method (below) before to read point n.2, right?

A) Reflect and choose the best keywords related to your business website. To give you a real example, I have selected the phrase "home based internet businesses".

B) Go to and write your favorite terms in its search bar. In my case for "home based internet businesses" I have received these values -

Count - 663 (Number of times search phrase was used in the past 60-days)
Competition - 15,500 (pages listed in Google with the exact keyword phrase)
Ratio - 23.38 (Number of sites for every 1 search; the closer to zero, the less competition)

I've found a great mix of keywords to use, do you agree? :-) ...Next step!

==== Last News ====

At this moment, Searchguild (below) has suspended its service. ==========

C) Go to to start controlling how difficult it is to rank on the first page for your query. (you need Google API code, it's free to get it)

I was lucky! My "home based internet businesses" term was rated as "Easy". If the response is "intermediate" or "hard", then I suggest you to change your keywords.

Just to recap...Nichebot has confirmed me that there are 663 visitors per day searching for "home based internet businesses", 15,500 competitors and a ratio of 23.38. Searchguild has rated my phrase as EASY.

It seems that my keywords are a gift that you can use for yahoo search engine and Google too! ;-)

D) You can jump to You need to verify the quantity of searches (of the same term) on Overture.

Well, it's a nice result:
internet home based business - 361.9/searches per day.

Note that Overture usually change the positions between the keywords, in fact the word "internet" was placed before "home based". It's not a problem, it's perfectly normal. :-)

Excellent. There was a good response of searches.

E) Optimize your website for your new brand phrase/terms. I know, I know. It's the "Art of Optimization", and you don't know how to do. Follow these rulez:

Choose not more than 2 keywords (or 1 full phrase) per page.
Put your keywords in the "title metatags".
Put your keywords in the "description metatags".
Put your keywords in the "keywords metatags".
Put your keywords in headlines (use H2 tag and H3 tag).
Put your keywords in your "content".
Put your keywords in "internal links".
Put your keywords in "external links".
Save your page by using the keywords as the name of your document (in my case I've registered "home-based-internet-businesses.html").

2) Put the feed (.atom feed) of your new blog into Yahoo rss directory (it's free and it requires you 4 minutes only).

You'll find your atom feed with ease by taking a look at settings (see SETTINGS MENU' --- FEED ...look on your personal blog area).

...You must be registered on yahoo search engine to add your "atom" feed into its FREE RSS directory. Click here to read more about My-Yahoo free service... or if you are subscribed into it, then read about RSS DIRECTORY by clicking here.

3) Post a new message on your brand blog every single day for 1-2 weeks at all. Be sure to include targeted keywords and your site links in every post (about 6 minutes per day).

4) Ping your new posts ---> (1 minute per day).

Pingomatic is a service that allows you to promote your blog in several places at once. It's free and simple to use. If you desire so, I found other great-free resources to ping:

- (Excellent!)
- Feedshark

Well, you are ready to use these powerful technics for promoting your site. Do not forget the purpose to reach the first page of yahoo results. ;-)

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