Valuable examples for business online shopping

This is the right place to start for business online shopping.

Yes, my 7 years of internet experience are helping me in my online businesses.
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There are million online opportunities to see on the net...and another great thing is that one new web business starts every 3 seconds.

Are you ready to spend your full life for business online shopping?

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How can you save your valuable time for business online shopping?
Follow this guide of course! :-) ...You must feel what are your real power and knowledge before to go for business online shopping.

As I have written above I have spent a lot of money in great "get-rich-quick" businesses, that I prefer to call them in Get-Scam-Quick fraudolent opportunities.
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From William (Bob) Carpenter

Dear Massimo,
I just wanted to thank you for your response to my post about sound on my website. I don't feel forced to visit your site...that's what the internet is all about. I am glad to meet you and learn something about you and your services.

I am glad to see that you didn't let your slightly imperfect english keep you from participating. If people have a problem with that, they will just have to have a problem, I guess!

Life is very busy here and I haven't gotten to act on your response may take me some time; sometimes I am slow to catch on to electronic stuff, but now I know where to go and I thank you very much for your response.

Merry Christmas and God bless you,
William (Bob) Carpenter

Hi Massimo, Thank you very much for your email and the advice and tips you provided!

I read your ebook which I found very helpful, and just signed up to access your DVE (under a different email address) to check it out.

I will let you know how it goes!

Thanks again,


Thanks for the email.
I like what I read in the Newsletter.
I will try it free and join the affiliate today.

Roy Rowtham

Yes, your information was VERY helpful to me.

Thank you, I appreciate it a lot!

You should make a book or course about this simple way to do this and you should earn some money with your good knowledge.

Scott in Oklahoma, U.S.A.

O.K. take a look to the 4 help points below to help your brainstorming.

Business online shopping - HELP 1
What are your big passions/hobbies in your life?

Business online shopping - HELP 2
Are you an expert/consultant on something?...
Or do you know one or more things better than an expert?

Business online shopping - HELP 3
Do you have dreams? What are your dreams in your life?
- really need more money?
- want to stay more with your family?
- strong desire to indipendence?
- thinking to Success?
- desire to work from home?
- other things?

Business online shopping - HELP 4
Believe me, get rich quick is a fantasy dream.
Are you ready to invest your time to start an home business?

Wait, wait, take a moment and please return on HELP 4 another once...
Why spend many hours for business online shopping if you are not ready to invest a part of your spare time?

Turn off your pc and return here when you are ready!

3 different roads to look for business online shopping

Relax yourself. It's not my intention to put you overloaded of information. There are 3 different easy roads to look for business online shopping:

Do you have some services/your hand to offer away?
Do you have products to sell? (tangible products, digitals goods or both)
Do you like to resell things of other companies?

... Surely you understand now which things to know to look for business online shopping. I suggest you to write them on the paper. Reflect to them and return to read them many times until you will collect your goal.
It will save you a lot of time and confusion and you will have clear ideas how to search for business online shopping.

I have built a business for every one of the 3 points above and I have invested many months for doing it. I'm not telling you to do the same, but it's a great example to work on. Well, continue reading!

I'm a man that love his job - computer programming teacher of over 12 private classes. 
I like to help beginners for reaching their purposes: 
a full basic training regard Windows operating system and MS Office.
I teach them too how to create something useful on the big net.
Why not to give these resources to other people by using the web?
It's the educational web site you are reading now.

The teacher here has built a site that teach concepts and other good things, right ahh?..Hey, do you have seen the 4 help points above?

I continue: build a site for the net like E.O.L.T.T.
The problems that you will find here are about "Html" programming (it's the code behind every website) and make good traffic to your new web site. Traffic can be called as "advertising" or "web marketing". You must know that the most important thing for a web-site is to collect huge amount of visitors to it...
It means.. T R A F F I C!
Html is not a complicated code, however you must know some aspects of it before to make a serious job. There are html programs too for making internet-sites without you need to know the code. They are very popular in these days.

I have learned many of them, some examples:
- Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Pagebuilder.

They can be purchased online or offline in the best Pc-store at different prices. By using them you will be able to build your project and place it on the net... It's f a n t a s t i c!.. May I have my doubts?!! :-0

Uuumm, these software are an useful hand to make your website.
You will not crash your head to learn html-code, but what can you do about traffic?.. Do not forget without surfers you are walking in the wrong way...Your new net-business will collapse in 6 months!
...Or are you an expert regard internet marketing?

business online shopping - Things you must need

Return to think for business online shopping. Let me talking about my site E.O.L.T.T. that is a mix of services and an educational web site. Notice I'm very excited when I talk of it. :-)
Believe me I have not built it with Frontpage, Dreamweaver or some amazing programs. I have no problems with html and I can create a fully site by using windows notepad only, but I do not have used it too.
Do not forget the fundamental purpose for a website is to attract tons of interested surfers (make huge traffic, make huge profits of course).
There are no magic secrets or hidden secret doors to attract visitors.
You need these things:

- valuable information to create step by step your web business
- fundamental tips to avoid big mistakes in eCommerce
- easy marketing tools that work at the touch of button
- precious material to improve step by step your site traffic

Think again for business online shopping. How much will you pay to have professional tools ready to do the job for you..
How much will you pay to get an eCommerce website that sell like crazy? 
(I mean a professional website with tons of targeted visitors with their minds ready to buy your products or services)

..$1,500.. $5,000... $15,000?

Is it an high price to pay? ...Just imagine how much cost a new offline company or franchise? (out of the internet world, in real life)

What can you say if I'm showing you how to save your money by using the "state of the art" master tools?
These pieces of pure technology will help you from the start for chosing your domain (the first important step) to the end (collect hundred/thousand surfers).
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Does SBI platform works?
Take a look at image below and decide for yourself!

business online shopping: my web site positions on Google..

(are you looking at my web site positions on Google?)

I imagine you are thinking how I have reached these results on Google, Yahoo! and other top engines. It's simple, I'm following every Sbi resource, and my web site positions are going up day by day.

Believe me..Sbi platform is one of the best thing I have found in my life!

Yes, build a successful web site to finally reach your personal success is possible. Let me say: your domain is the "first important step" to start it! :-0

business online shopping: Sbi works a lot!

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The Master Keyword List is "the Tool". A must for everyone who desire to build solid traffic. It's the best web-resource I have found in 7 years.
It's what people forget to make a winning web site with big traffic.

business online shopping: Sbi works!

(business online shopping - read more about this tool here)

What about the Master-Keyword-List?.. Do you have used Google to find terms or something?.. 
So, you have searched for keywords!
As you can see above you will be able to find profitable keywords (like I have did for Eoltt) that visitors like me/you are searching for. You can see the "DEMAND" for that keyword, the "SUPPLY" --> how many web pages using the same keyword are placed on search engines, the "PROFITABILITY" that tell you if to use the keyword or if it can be discarded. Try to do the same things without the Master-Keyword-List and you will lose months!!

You put 5% of your time into it and the big part of the job (95% of research) is done by "brainstorming tool"... Well done!

business online shopping: Sbi is a great resource to build traffic

(business online shopping - read more about this tool here)

Do you know PPC engines?
P = Pay .. P = Per .. C = Click ...Sure you know Overture!
It's a famous ppc engine... Forget to be crazy with it and place all your bids by using "Bid for Keyword List" resource...Another must!

business online shopping: stop wasting your money on paid traffic, believe me!

As you can see above, I'm using this stuff for bidding keywords on "Ah-Ha" that is another big ppc engine. In fact you can bid at several ppc engines at the same time by using "Bid for Keyword List" tool.
Do you have an idea about how many hours/months will you save?

:-) ...I will make a breath now...
I believe you know today how to start a web business.

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