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The things (small white rectangles) you are seeing there are little 
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Yes, you have read it right. I can show several sites at once by displaying One web page only. Imagine the Big Power about it!
Imagine the explosion of my ad promotion (Gizmo), or how many banners can I display to gain tons impressions... And more!

When I have asked if it was cheating, the response was "NO".
In fact I do not put my hands to change internal codes, nor I do not modify banners or other things just for cheating. However "rules" of these showed programs do not forbid frames too. They tell nothing about using this tag.

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How do they work? They work by exchanging web sites. You will see a member web-site for a limited time of 30/20 secs. and in return your site/s will be showed to others for the same secs. You must know they use professional software that work by showing members sites to each one joined member, and they control if someone is cheating.
Imagine you chose a traffic program that has 200/500 members.

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Scambitalia ---> One of the most used by international members...

Italysurf ---> It is growing every day!.. Italian members are welcome!

If my new programs placed in beta-testing will reveal a good traffic (and a good traffic only, no scam..), you will see them here. I recommend you to return here often.

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