Improve your life experience degree

Better life experience degree gives us valuable success.
It's what I admit about my BIG GOALS I have reached to. They have transformed my life in happiness, enormous satisfaction but most good fact I have many hours to dedicate to my family. : )

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High life experience degree is what we need to take correct decisions

Life is running very sharp... We are running with it too. Sometimes it's important to take a 10 minutes break for focusing on our past actions.
If I ask you "tell me something about your winning targets", are you immediately responding me?

You know web navigation is one of my passions then I like to read various ebooks too. : ) (do not forget I'm a teacher!)
I have noticed life experience is the unique ingredient putted on every ebook that makes it different from others. Success is linked to our life experience degree, it's the main point explained on the ebooks above.
Great characters and experts are showing us how they have maked millions by using their skills. However their knowledge and winning techniques still depend by life-experience-degree. You will not find a master earning tons of dollars from nothing...

Obviously they have reach perfection thanks to proved experiences.
I admit it's the same success for my case... I have given an hand to my life experience degree by following these vital tips and suggestions..

Knowledge and winning techniques
still depend by life experience degree

Examples below have contributed to increase my life experience degree. (there are bad & good points to see)

- My family
- Schools
- Some part-time jobs
- Military call
- My dad death
- Adaptation for working in different jobs
- The woman I'm loving: Barbara
- Read educational books
- Request of bank loans (no money to live)
- Insurer activity & network marketing (offline)
- Web exploration + some web-sites creation
- Firewalking
- Follow precious tips I have found online (ebooks too!)
- 950 hours "webpublisher" course
- Current job - Teacher of computer programming

Do not look at them by order (1 -2 -3...)... They are all important.
I like to repeat it again: every point above has given me a part of the GOLDEN ROAD for success! And it's also improving my life experience degree.


I do not know if you have a long curriculum or not... But I can say you to reflect more times to your previous experiences. I'm sure you will find something you have not seen before. Just collect it to compose your final winning way.. More pieces you will gain, more clear will be the way to reach your goals. If you are thinking it's hard, follow this guidance I have grabbed for myself.