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Note: there are thousand web-companies offering you BIG promises...

95% of them are SCAM web sites and nothing else. Convince yourself nobody offers you money for nothing.

Just to recap...
Stay away from companies that sell people and nothing else: they are fraudolent pyramidal schemes.
Avoid opportunities offering you to make money just for referring people under yourself. : (

What are the most fundamental points for a net-job?

- How much experience has the company you desire to be enrolled in?
- What kind of net-job is it?.. Do you will work for a mark or what?
- In what markets is it involved?
- Are they offering you rock solid business you will benefit from?

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- Are the products tangibles?..
- Are them extraordinary products (guaranteed) or what?
- if they offer you services, are them "first quality" services?
- Can common people use these things or not?
- If you need it, do you will buy it from the same company you are working for?
- Do you have a chance to save money with it?
- How many possibilities do you have to earn real money with this net job?

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- Are the commissions offered to you a valuable profit?
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- Imagine you did 2 years of good job. Do you will gain an income for all future months or not?
- Do you can earn different levels of compensation?

Free Store Club net job might be described as a worldwide network of Internet store owners. World headquarters facility is located in Lexington, NC, on the bustling I-85 corridor connecting Charlotte and Raleigh. From here the company is the central base of operations for more than 2.8 Million Independent Store Owners.

At the headquarters location, FSC maintains business offices and a full warehouse and shipping operation. All products are stocked and shipped directly from this facility. FSC also provides a world-class Member Services operation through a satellite office in Orlando, Florida. Our web server farm, operated and maintained by City Direct, Inc is also located in Orlando.

When you sign up for your new net job (your free store) with FSC several important things happen:

FSC creates TWO websites on the World Wide Web that are exclusively yours. The Internet address for these two websites allows anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world to visit these sites and see YOUR name or business name right on the front page.

One of the two web sites is your own Retail Internet Store. It is already stocked with hundreds of products that any visitor may order. Any products ordered here mean retail profits to you!

The other website is your FreeStoreClub net job Website. Yours will be just like mine. People who visit your site are invited to become store owners as you did. I'll show you how you can earn residual income from these new owners on this page (page will open in a new window).

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You are invited to download the FSCBoss, the business management console. It's Free! The Boss installs on your compatible computer and makes you a part of the private FreeStoreClub owners network. The FSCBoss is designed to keep you updated on the latest product additions and promotions, business and motivational tips, allowing you to run your net job from your easy chair with the latest in cutting-edge technology! Jump here to take a look at it.. you have nothing to lose!

In the world of commerce, and the Internet is no different, the “store” is a basic component. In the food industry it’s the grocery store, in the office products industry, it’s the office supply store and in the area of general merchandise, it’s the general or department store. On the Internet, the most basic tool of net job is the Internet Store or "Web Store".

If you want to profit from the Internet, you need a store. - Free Store Club is the worlds’ premier provider of personal web stores. As a company, Free Store Club (net job) is uniquely prepared to provide virtually any person in the world with their own “e-commerce enabled” web store.

We provide three (3) different web store models, all business-ready the moment they are received. Here's an overview of each model, outlining specific benefits and features.

1. The FREE Level Store:

This is our starter or retail-only store. It is provided and hosted at absolutely no cost ever!

All stores are fully stocked with high demand products with secure credit card processing.

Your net job as store-owner at this level can generate retail profit by driving consumer traffic to their online store. Once a month, about mid-month, we'll send you a check for the retail profit you have earned the previous calendar month. You get ALL of the profit, the difference between your wholesale cost and the retail price. The company keeps NONE of your profit!

or by selecting specific store items to market to the public at another online spot or offline altogether. Order the products at wholesale and sell them at retail for IMMEDIATE income! Or we'll drop ship them directly to your customer (at no additional cost to you) and send you the profit once a month!

We call our stores “Personal Web Stores” because each store owner has full control of how much they will charge the consumer.

Of course, the storeowner may buy for personal use at his or her own wholesale cost.

Free Store owners also have free access to the FSC Trading Post (FSCTradingPost.com), our online Classified Ad service where they can by, sell, swap or give away almost anything. A virtual online Flea Market!

2. The SILVER Level Store

The Silver Level store is provided for a small $10 (US) monthly hosting fee.

The Silver storeowner pays even less for store merchandise than Free level owners.

In addition to what a storeowner gets at the FREE Level, the Silver Level storeowner is permitted to generate substantial residual income (up to $4,000 per week) by joining with Free Store Club net job in its global campaign to “give away stores”.

3. The GOLD Level Store

The Gold Level store is provided for a $50 (US) monthly hosting fee.

The Gold storeowner pays even less for store merchandise than Silver level owners, our LOWEST true wholesale pricing.

In addition to all a storeowner gets at the FREE and Silver levels, a Gold storeowner is permitted to earn three times as much (up to $12,000 per week) in residual income.

The Gold store is fully customizable, with a storeowner being able to add store departments with their own lines of merchandise.

Free Store Club net job is changing the face of Internet commerce. No longer is the global consumer forced to purchase needed and desired products from a few mega merchants. Millions of FSC Personal Web Store owners will provide a growing selection of goods and services to the world and at the same time provide a stream of income and savings for themselves and their families. Jump here to take a look at it.. you have nothing to lose!


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