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It's not a slogan, it's not my intention.. : )
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Still not convinced? What are the differences about my free-stuff-for-teacher? Let me explain more.
World Wide Web become bigger than ever. Obviously scam websites become bigger with it. (I hate unuseful freebies sites) The most you will obtain from them are tons of links driving you in a great frustation. They will show you "download free stuff for teacher" but they will make you crazy only!..STOP, stop now.

At last you have found something good here. After many years spent to navigate on hundred educational websites, I'd like to put in front of your face (without doubt) AMAZING SUPERIOR free-stuff-for-teacher. What a real incredible value you can take for yourself and your students too... Save more time now!

Eight instantly tips you can use now

(1) First, it's important to write a "welcome" letter to parents and students. Put yourself in front of your computer. Make your own letters or postcards to mail finally to them. To do it, it's better to use some tutor programs to inspirate & help your mind.

(2) Invite parents + students to drop by while you are setting up the classroom. (a "Come on In" day) They will appreciate all the hard work that goes into planning for the first day of school. If you like to use a computer-program, find it 5 lines above!! My free stuff for teacher will save you from throwing your money away.

(3) Write down all the supplies you will need to start the year off. (paper, pencils, rulers, etc.) If you have a supplies room, get what you need. If you have a supply person, submit your list early.

(4) Plan your bulletin boards. Now is the time to cut out letters, figures and decorations for your classroom. If you use white, blue or green fadeless paper as your background, you only have to change your letters and other accents throughout the year. Some good Bull. Boards ideas are available here.
Why not to create your own BBS?.. I saw an unbeatable piece of software at work. Initially I was skeptical but when I have tried it... I must say what a fantastic program! : ) It's incredible and it's totally FREE!!..
Remember it requires tecnical knowledge to work.

(5) Get a list of all your students. On one sheet, write down all their names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Make at least 5 copies of this list. Leave one copy in your lesson plan book, one in your classroom, one in your office box and one at home. Be sure to give the last copy of your file to your substitute. WAIT: I suggest you to place all these information on your personal organizer too. It's a strategic method to be a perfect teacher.

(6) If it's possible, get photos of all your students. Sometimes these are attached to a student's cum file. Make copies and start memorizing names and faces. Also, these photos are great when making class graphs. Students, simply place their photos by their choices. (how about sending your students a photo of you? I'm sure they are just as anxious to meet you, as you are to meet them!)

(7) Make all your name cards, flash cards and anything else you will need throughout the year, before school starts. Use your computer to make a template, then simply plug in the words. I usually use my favorite graphic program to do it and I have discovered another great "flash cards" software. It works fine but probably the BEST THING IT'S FREE! : )

(8) Make a rough plan of your entire year. Themes for each month, lessons, special projects, etc., can be planned way ahead of time! Some ideas are given to you through your teacher's manual and all you have to do is gather additional information from lesson plan sites.

You know all these big tips now.
I confirmed my first promise: rock solid free stuff for teacher.

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