Teaching tool help you to work less and earn more

Stay more with your family, use this teaching tool.

Oohh yes, Life teaching tool. I'm applying these life principles since many years with big success.

I'm very excited now to give you my point of view about a life-teaching-tool. Heey, need something else?..

If you desire to see something precious, do not forget to take a look at my resume-example (you need it to search a better job) or go to my communication-product page, where I'm talking about big software... Please continue reading!

Teaching-tool can be digested in 3 important parts:

- Mentality & mind power (open mind & positive thought)

- Healthy body (train yourself while working, auto appeal)

- Better job (Work less-EARN MORE, place passion in your job

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They are very important cause if one of them is in crisis, it will affect the others (and ourself too). Let me explain more details about my teaching tool & global vision. You must know our mind can give out an incredible strenght, but we must train it in practice before to benefit with it.
Use this teaching tool to train your mind with more effect.

Do you know that our human brain does not make differences between reality and imagination?..
Yes, it's true. Convince yourself about that.

teaching tool - Mentality & mind power

First raise up your mind and get used to think to different roads & approachs. Open your mentality to positive thought by writing down your great potentiality.
How to do it in a successful action?.. Continue reading!
Take a pen & a piece of paper. Just make a vertical division on it. Start to write on the left column everything you have learned, everything you savour & what you know to do (your big potentiality & wisdom). Take all the time you need, think and reflect, then write it down on the paper. (help yourself by thinking to your school, think to your family, think to your job, etc.)

Now write on the right the main points (these are your obstacles) you would like to do & practical problems to put them at work. Stop a moment.. Surprised?.. Have you seen on the paper how many things you know? It's fantastic! : )
This easy method is extracted by the "way of the dreams" where I have learned many successful tips about changing my mind approach. Use teaching tool above(click) to discover your POSITIVE THOUGHT.

..Before to fall down to reach desperation, have a break and grab your hot paper to refill yourself. Thanks to this teaching tool you have a winning card now to face adversity & still be victorious. : )

teaching tool - auto appeal

Do you love your body?.. Pay attention to my sentences below cause it's another important teaching tool.
What sensation do you feel while you stay in front of a mirror & see yourself?..What do you think about you?
Auto appeal is a fundamental thing, believe me. High Auto Appeal gives us more self confidence to go on. Period.

Self confidence is very important otherwise you can forget everything you have readed on my site. Evolve it by using my explosive "A + B + C" mix! : ) ... This teaching-tool will be an greatful hand to work on your body.

((A)) - Improve your aesthetic aspect by starting from little steps. First cure your visible parts, hair, face and your hands. (if you are a woman do not forget the make up, a light make up is better) Put on the better dress you have that better suites you. O.K. ... Oohh, what a beautiful figure you are now! : )

((B)) - Put your alarm clock 10 minutes before normality. If you get up at 7:00 in the morning, you will place the alarm at 6:50 a.m. It will permit you to do fast stretching exercises to keep yourself well. Do them every morning for 2 months minimum period, just before to start your job. At last take a pause of 4 weeks then continue repeating the same process.
(Note to make a medical check by your doctor before follow these tips)
Try to change exercises variety every day for training full body.
10 minutes are nothing if you see them in a single day but if you make this estimation -- 10 mins. x (6 days) = 1 full hour per week!

((C)) - If you walk while at work, take advantage of it! : ) Do it in every moment you can, forget the lift, just walk instead. (if you must move repeatedly on more different floors, sometime you can alternate it by taking the lift) Remember to not abuse of your heart too! Hey, why not to use this teaching tool while you return at home? All best doctors continue to repeat "walking" is the better cure for an healthy & robust body.

teaching tool - Better job

Respond honestly: do you live for working or do you work for better living?

Are you understanding the important concept behind this sentence? Read the teaching tool below will shock you, but you must fight reality now cause it will be your precious future.
O.K. read and glare.. We are investing a big slice of our time to work.
I personally know many people are putting 12 or 13 hours a day in their jobs. AMAZING! : 0 Then a 7 hours minimum slept is request.
Can you respond me how many hours at last are remaining?

..Yes, it's incredible, but 4-5 hours only are free time. This is the reality. Imagine to do a job that not suites you or you simply hate it. It not requires you experience and you are putting no passion while at work. Wait a moment.. Reflect now about hours spending on it. ..So, YOU ARE LIVING TO WORK. Period.

Are you in the same condition above?.. Take a break & make a breath..

What can you do to jump out of the barricade?
Start a new great job that fill your passions.
Which are your hobbies?.. Take advantage of them.

You will work thanks to them & your knowledge too. Why not to use the power of web?.. Internet is a great teaching-tool. You can start for online working, saving more time, following your working methods and staying more with your family... Thousand jobs are covering these requests now.

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