A day of our life to find the genius in yourself and follow your dream

Every day of our life is precious. Just read the little story below about a day when I found a genius and a dream.

day of our life: a genius in a box.

I love videogames from when I had eight years. I'm real fascinated from pc programs and I use many of them today. When I was 14 years old I have created my first digital game (Ninja Turtles, wow!) by using GameMaker program & my amazing Commodore64 homecomputer.
I have completed it in 7 months & it was incredible. ( If you like to read about me and other cases, just click on this title "the simple life" or click on "more out of life" ) See my favorite turtles-game at work made my satisfaction skyrockets! : )

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Look at my games-story above like an example and REMEMBER THAT:
a day of our life can be VITAL for our future.

Do you have found the GENIUS in yourself?
How much time is passed now from thinking to your last big creation?
Do you know that you can create everything by your genius?

Find the hidden powerful genius by thinking on your past/present opera. Put your powerful genius at work to better serve you! I have found mine by investing 10 YEARS of my own life, but there are many people that they still have not found it... Search in your mind, I know it's not simple but that's the way.

DREAM COME TRUE!..Continue reading below, it's a successful day-of-our-life.

Many years ago by thinking on my passions I have convinced myself that my job would have been the computer programming to help others. My parents have initially supported me (mom, thanks very much!) but when they have recognized there were not computer factories to work in my province, they have started to say me that my time invested at school was unhelpful : (

...Time is gone now, how is the final scene? You must know that I'm actually a successful computer teacher and I'm happy of my life too.
My students love me and all my private-courses are developed for teaching on this category. I teach on over 13 courses today. Just understand how one single day of our life can change our destination.

Do you have found the hidden DREAM IN YOURSELF?..
What was or what are your passions?.. Are you searching for them without to find the right way?

WAIT : it can be easy to discover it or it may takes a long time. : 0
It depends from different factors, to your mind, to your past education.
I have found my way by investing 10 years of my own life... Do you?
I recommend you to use this proved HELPFUL RESOURCES while searching your way to treasure. Save more years with them, save your brain from storm with them and reserve all your energy to improve yourself.

Every day of our life is precious... This is my suggestion !

Conclusion of this day of our life

I love my job. I make a lot of money today thanks to 'request' of my professional figure and category. Computer teachers demand is very high. When demand is more higher than offer, salary raises up!
Someone says that money is the "Devil servants" but they help us for better living. An other important goal of a day-of-our-life.


Positive thinking
Positive thinking is helping me to not surrender to life adversities. Some good suggestions you can use.

How to reach your goal by focusing yourself on past actions
There are important things in your life on which you need to reflect to. More pieces you will gain, more clear will be the way to reach your goal.

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